Pregnancy Update

Whoever said the last few weeks of pregnancy will fly by; is talking pure blasted madness!!  The last few weeks of pregnancy do not simply “fly by” they crawl at a glacial pace. The amount of things that need to get organized and ready is monumental but everything else is slow.  The back pain, braxton hicks (practice) contractions, the pressure, feeling like a turtle fallen over on its back when you need to get up to pee and lets not mention sleeping or the lack thereof. Also, those hormones are no joke!

On a completely opposite note, I wouldn’t trade all this discomfort for anything.  Mom mentality is a beautiful and messed up thing. In spite of me feeling like crap, baby’s heart rate is great, head is down and is in excellent health.  I cannot wait to meet this little guy or gal! We are busy getting ready so much to do so little time. What gets done, gets done, everything else is going to have to wait.

Making a list does not work at this point because some days you really just don’t feel up to anything but laying in bed and minding your own business. I don’t like to vent without having some sort of solution.  What’s been working for me is lowering my expectations, taking it easy on myself (I’m growing a human over here!) and the biggest one is except help when offered!  That last one has me swallowing my pride.  My mental health and the health of my baby is far more important than pride! 

How are my other mama’s coping with the last few weeks of pregnancy or how did you deal when you were at this point in your pregnancy?

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Hello and welcome to The Shan R.N. I’m a Registered Nurse and married mom of 2 currently working on COVID-19 case management in Ontario, Canada. This blog has evolved into a skincare blog and I'm here for that. I am obsessed with all things skincare! Click the About Me link to learn more.

7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update

  1. Wow, this belly of yours looms like the baby is on the way! Congrats! You are right, the last weeks are endless and not very comfy. The eagerness to meet baby, the organization, the lack of sleep, all you listed. But you did the major part 😉
    I would go on walks, knit for the 🚼, watch videos, read, meet friends. I was lucky not to work during pregnancy, so I had time to really make the best out of the experience. You didn’t want to know the sex of the baby ?


    1. Hi Mona (I’m assuming this is your first name, pls correct me if not). I’ve been off work since 34 weeks. So I’ve started blogging, meeting up with friend’s and trying to get organized. Hubby wanted to be surprised in the delivery room. . Lol. We think it’s a boy though. How old is your baby?


      1. Hey, my name is Magalie 🙂 monaminga means young lady in Bulu, my mother tongue from South of Cameroon 😉
        my son is 25 months old, he runs and jumps everywhere!


      2. I know what you are talking about. Before being a mom I had a neighbor above our apartment whose daughter would run all day and late at night, I couldn’t understand why. Now I know why, jumping and running is the new way of wandering in the house. I feel sorry for those who live in the apartment under us! And he wakes up early and wants to switch all the lights on and play the piano. So much energy.


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