Single Mother’s Strength

Single mothers; your strength and power is unimaginable, the intensity of your love and your desire for the survival of your child/children is positively mind blowing. Your will, your tenacity to keep moving forward at all cost is amazing.

I have a few friends that are single mother’s and I never truly understood what they go through until I became a mother and realized the absolute selflessness of being a mother.  

Seraphina had a rough night last week Friday (October 26th). She was complaining of right ear pain all night.  She would fall asleep and then wake up crying and pulling on her ear.  As all parents know, if your child has a rough night, you’re having a rough night as well.  Being 37 weeks pregnant at the time with intense braxton hicks contractions, lower abdominal cramping and back pain, an active fetus and an ill toddler. Whoaaa!! I would have lost my mind if I didn’t have my husband to call on.  

A single mother, would have to handle all of that in all her discomfort, frustration and pain. There are so many single mothers that take on the role of mother and father, sole breadwinner, teacher, counsellor; they take on every role that their child/ children need.

I wrote this piece to express my appreciation for those women managing their household with young children and making it all look like it’s second nature. Phenomenal woman, that you are.

Feel free to comment or like this piece.  What can friends do to support single mothers more?  If you’re a single mother, feel free to share, encourage and inspire with a comment.

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Hello and welcome to The Shan R.N. Iโ€™m a Registered Nurse and married mom of 2 currently working on COVID-19 case management in Ontario, Canada. This blog has evolved into a skincare blog and I'm here for that. I am obsessed with all things skincare! Click the About Me link to learn more.

8 thoughts on “Single Mother’s Strength

  1. Beautiful piece you wrote there, like you I admire those super mom, I know a few of them and they Simply amaze me. Duno how they do it but they do it great.
    I came to tell you that I’ve nominatedyou for the Sunshine blogger award. Check it out ๐Ÿ˜‰

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