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Registered Nurse | Mom | Wife | Skin Enthusiast

Hello and welcome to The Shan R.N. I’m a registered nurse and married mom of 2, currently working from home on COVID-19 case management in Ontario, Canada. Yes, it is a crazy busy time, yes my children, aged 2 and 4, are home with my realtor husband and I 24/7 and yes, we are slowly losing our minds. So in the midst of the madness, I decided to get serious about my blog; what’s one more thing to add to the mix!

Young, black family with mom, dad and 2 young children; boy and girl, sitting in front fireplace mantle.
The Scarlett’s, Jan 1, 2021

The blog has evolved into a skincare blog because as a black woman in her mid 30’s, the skin issues are coming out of the woodworks! I realized I am not the only one with these concerns. As I’ve gotten older, I continue to have so many struggles with my skin; adult acne, melasma, acne scarring, dealing with oily skin, dealing with sensitive dry skin and on and on.

I have been let down by numerous dermatologists in the past that just did not understand my skin. I am still on the quest for the perfect derm but in the meantime I’m using my medical background and love of researching all things skincare, to figure out the complexities of the skin I’m in.

The pandemic has definitely fueled this passion. Hoping I can add some insight on the HUGE topic of skincare as well as health and beauty.

Thank you for joining me!

Peace & Love!